CIOs explored modern solutions for scaling seamless customer engagement at Resulticks NYC event

New York City, June 28, 2019

cio dinner nyc

Scalable customer engagement solutions topped the thought leadership agenda at Resulticks’ invitation-only CIO Dinner, which drew enterprise information and security executives from global brands such as Bank of America, Duff & Phelps, UBS, and Goldman Sachs.

Kicking off the June 27 program, Mani Gopalaratnam, CTO of Customer Success at Resulticks, took the attendees on a quick deep-dive into how enterprises can bring scale, precision, and security to their marketing efforts with an integrated marketing platform. He also showcased the Resulticks platform’s robust technology enablers and Resulticks' vision for the marketing blockchain.

“The flexibility and scale of omnichannel communications today are testing the limits of legacy solutions,” observed Gopalaratnam. “Brands need solutions that are built to accommodate and facilitate their growth by delivering unified customer insights, individualized engagement, seamless omnichannel journeys, and end-to-end attribution.”

He also acknowledged that pure cloud solutions often cannot meet increasingly stringent regulations, especially in financial services and other highly regulated industries, but expressed his delight at the guests’ enthusiastic response to Resulticks’ unique hybrid architecture that enables the best of both worlds.

He added, “I’m convinced that our successes in scalable real-time marketing automation and our approach to the marketing blockchain will have a transformational impact on the entire ecosystem.”

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