Next-gen AI-powered omnichannel orchestration capability from Resulticks streamlines customer engagement and conversion

Resulticks deepens its marketing automation solution by enabling automated, contextual generation of omnichannel user experiences

New York, Sep 17, 2019

AI powered

With the introduction of its new AI-powered orchestration capability, Resulticks, the world’s fastest growing real-time conversation marketing solutions provider, has forever changed the game for how brands orchestrate outcomes-focused, omnichannel user experiences.

With a few clicks, marketers can initiate the auto-mapping of entire customer experiences based on key occasions, communication goal and type, product type, and benchmarks. Resulticks then curates the most appropriate dimensions of attributes and personas to generate the ideal audience, messaging, and touchpoint for every communication effort. Based on real-time interactions, the AI capability also contextualizes the experience.

As new data is collected from campaigns and audience interactions, the algorithms continuously refine customer journeys to improve engagement, conversion and ultimately top-line growth. Already utilized in several industries, this capability marks a breakthrough in how brands can leverage AI to deliver quantifiable outcomes.

Redickaa Subrammanian, CEO and co-founder of Resulticks, said, “Our new AI-enabled orchestration feature further solidifies our company’s commitment to enabling marketers to delight customers effortlessly with the right experiences at scale in real time. It’s another example of how we are taking today’s enterprises on a deliberate, phased approach towards maximizing the power of AI across the entire organization.”

The new capability further augments the Resulticks audience-first approach to scalable, segment-of-one customer engagement with time-efficient experience orchestration. It represents another step forward in delivering sophisticated, individualized user experiences that have become the hallmark of the Resulticks solution.

About Resulticks
Built from the ground up by marketers for marketers, Resulticks is a real-time conversation cloud-enabled by the world's first marketing data blockchain. With its big data-driven, AI-powered omnichannel approach, Resulticks is changing the marketing automation landscape worldwide. Resulticks has offices in the United States, India, Australia, and APAC.