The future of marketing measurement: Resulticks at the 3rd Marketing Analytics Summit

Mumbai, India. June 26, 2019

Marketing Aanalytics Summit

From June 24 to 25, India’s marketing leaders gathered at Holiday Inn Mumbai International Airport for the 3rd Marketing Analytics Summit hosted by Inventicon. Featuring CMOs, VPs, Directors, and functional heads leading brands in retail, FMCG, E-commerce, telecom, finance, healthcare, the Summit provided in-depth discussions and presentations on omnichannel marketing automation, marketing analytics and insights, and more.

Prashant Sharma, India National Sales & Alliance Head at Resulticks, was part of the expert panel at a session titled, “Is Multi-Touch Attribution Too Good to Be True: A Practical Approach to Marketing Measurement.” Sharma shared his insights on the progress of multi-touch attribution as both an approach and a critical capability for modern marketers.

“True omnichannel customer engagement is important, but it’s just as crucial to measure its impact.” noted Sharma. “Brands want to measure the ROI of their marketing efforts at a much more granular level. They are eager to know the exact touchpoint where a conversion has occurred and the revenue contribution of every interaction. I was delighted by the interest our audience showed in what Resulticks has to offer in multi-touch attribution and segment-of-one conversion tracking.

As a cocktail partner of the Summit, Resulticks also showcased its approach to and capabilities for real-time conversation marketing for marketing decision makers. Resulticks experts also answered questions about data-driven customer engagement and discussed how the platform has multiplied the growth of some of the largest brands in India and beyond.

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