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Streamline processes. Optimize outcomes. Document true ROI.

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The only all-in-one SMS marketing solution

Metricks puts Resulticks’ unique Smart Duo technology to work for you, delivering and documenting superior SMS results with a fraction of the time and effort required by multiple tools and old-school approaches.

Manage communications through multiple vendors efficiently

Integrate all your SMS service providers to optimize campaign cadence, performance, and outcomes.

Target with pinpoint accuracy

Centralize and automate your audience outreach using consolidated opt-out/DND management, auto-scrubbing, unified signal capture, and more.

Build campaigns quickly, easily

Orchestrate multi-step journeys, map out real-time contextual communications, and personalize engagement with minimal learning curve.

Personalize the SMS experience

Track and respond in near real-time to each individual's evolving journey to ensure continuous engagement and retention.

Get insights beyond the numbers

Our meaningful analytics do more than count clicks. You get the complete story of each individual's journey—who did what, when, and where.

Measure and document impact

Assess, document, and continuously improve your SMS marketing performance with in-depth campaign and channel-specific analytics, consolidated reporting, benchmarking, and true ROI documentation.

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