A road map for true marketing automation

Leverage our deep insight, strategic thinking, and real-world experience to create a roadmap for true marketing automation. Resulticks’ team of experienced marketing strategy experts knows how to generate the kind of results and deliver the ROI you expect from your omnichannel investment. We'll analyze, benchmark, and build a results-focused plan to maximize value across every dimension of your digital marketing program. Our services are as flexible as your needs. Whether it’s a highly focused one-time assignment or an ongoing engagement, our goals and our efforts align directly with yours.

Marketing Strategy Consulting

Strategy development

We’ll plot a strategic, custom-designed roadmap for achieving your growth targets, maximizing marketing effectiveness across your full business cycle, and capitalizing on the biggest opportunities to achieve positive impact.

Marketing Strategy Development

Segmentation and personalization

We’ll show you how to use behavioral targeting to ensure the right messaging for each individual in your database, to improve responsiveness, and to protect and enhance your reputation.

Behavioral & Personalized Targeting

Campaign planning

We'll advise you on which channels will get you the greatest impact. We'll also make recommendations on the precise timing of your campaigns—how to achieve maximum participation and response, which campaign to run, when to run it, and at what intervals.

Marketing Campaign Planning

Omnichannel contact base development

We’ll help you grow and improve the quality of your customer contact base using proven methods for retaining your current contacts and adding new ones across all channels.

Omnichannel contact base development