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Big-data is the foundation for all those digital customer engagement strategies leveraging AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Individualization. But, where and how do you begin to harness its wild potential?

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Big-Data and Customer Engagement

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Our Marketing Mavericks Summit Experience.

To a packed audience of marketing and technology professionals, the panelists shared their views, experiences and insights on how to leverage big-data for customer engagement.

  • Raghuvesh Sarup

    Marketing Mavericks summit, a very good session with eminent co-panelists discussing cutting edge digital learnings and the ethical and customer centric approach towards privacy. Good job Resulticks.

    Raghuvesh Sarup
    Chief Marketing Officer India, Microsoft
  • Dinesh Menon

    It was great to be amidst and engage with some real digital marketing mavericks. Given the pacy complex world of new age marketing that ever evolving. It is very important for marketers to discuss and debate various aspects, so it can augur well for the profession. Good initiative Resulticks, keep it ticking.

    Dinesh Menon
    Chief Marketing Officer, SBI Bank
  • Mani Gopalaratnam

    Had some exciting conversations at the Resulticks Marketing Mavericks summit! Great to exchange ideas with future-minded marketers around data-driven customer engagement, blockchain technology, and more.

    Mani Gopalaratnam
    Chief Technologist, DXC Technology

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