Relevant, real-time data from sources that matter

Bring together the platforms you trust and rely on to pull real-time data of relevance and providing greater interoperability and flexibility

Relevant real-time data from sources that matter
Web data

Web data:

Resulticks Analytics

Track your campaign performance and the user journey through Resulticks' in-house analytics tool. It is a simple JavaScript code to paste into your pages.

Google Analytics

Use the power of Google Analytics page to track conversions.

Social platform data:


Track your campaign's likes and shares through Facebook's reach among your audience.


Discover your campaign followers from paid and organic reach achieved through tweets, re-tweets, clicks, replies, and follows in Twitter.


Validate your video's reach and engagement by measuring your campaign likes, shares, and clicks on YouTube.

Social Platform data


Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and Sugar CRM

Boost your sales by engaging your contacts and leads in your CRM using the powerful omnichannel capabilities of Resulticks


BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento and Prestashop

Analyze your customer's shopping behavior using wish list and shopping cart abandonment tracking.

Track your conversions from different segments of your audience



Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, ORACLE

Access, merge and synchronize data in your database with Resulticks at regular intervals

DMP Integration

Third-Party Ad Network and Exchanges

Combine first, second and third-party data through integration with data management platforms to facilitate lead generation, engagement and conversion.

DMP Integration
Offline systems

Offline systems

Beacons, NFC, Location based services

Delight your customers with a 360° brand experience, merging the offline and the online with truly effective, just-in-time communications.

Extended systems

POS, Kiosks, Touch Screens, Custom data sources

Continue to connect to your customer in-store or on-the-street to provide consistent, contextual and individualized user experiences.

Social Platform data