Customized campaign performance dashboard

Resulticks delivers single-view, updated performance results for your active campaigns customized to highlight the performance metrics that matter most.

Marketing Performance Measurement Dashboard

ROI trend

Get an at-a-glance update on return on investment of your campaigns overall or by campaign.

Resulticks Dashboard - ROI Trend Resulticks Dashboard - ROI Trend

Leads by source

If your focus is B2B, you get a view arrayed like a funnel—the way you manage sales process. Get immediate insight into the most productive sources of contacts and leads and the progress toward conversion.

Resulticks Dashboard - B2B Leads Funnel


Which industries perform best? The top 5 industries with the highest reach, engagement, and conversion.



Which segments perform best? The top 5 segments with the highest reach, engagement, and conversion.


Leads by source

Where does your message get the greatest traction? For B2C companies, get a quick view of where you’re getting the most new leads or users—email, QR code, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Facebook.

Resulticks Dashboard - B2C Leads Funnel


Who are you most active brand advocates? Get to know them by name and the link to the 360° customer view for even more insight. Drop downs let you see influencers, spectators, and critics too.

B2C specific advocates


When should you blast your campaign? Resulticks shows you at a glance which days your audences are most likely to respond and which days they aren’t.

B2C specific behavior
  • Average time to conversion

    How compelling is you messaging? Are you optimizing channel choices. Whatever goal—reach, interaction, or conversion—you set for your campaign, you’ll see the time required to achieve goal expressed in minutes form the time of blast.

    Average time to conversion
  • Channel performance

    Which channels work hardest for you? You can tell quickly and easily along any single dimension—reach, engagement, conversion—or see all three in a single view.

    Resulticks dashboard channel performance

Top and bottom campaigns

  • Performance

    Which campaigns are performing best against goals? Which are not? See your top five performing campaigns at any given time period, or alternatively see the bottom five.

    Top and bottom campaigns performance
  • Revenue

    Which campaigns rank tops in bottom line performance? Which rank lowest? See your top five and bottom five revenue generating campaigns by the time period you specify.

    Top and bottom campaigns revenue