AI, Blockchain & Brand Relevance:
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Take an inside look at how artificial intelligence and blockchain can enable real-time engagement, deliver individualized interactions, ensure data privacy, and create true omnichannel experiences that keep brands relevant, profitable, and growing.

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Our Gartner DMC Experience

Resulticks shared its vision on how emergent technologies can catalyze a change in the entire digital marketing ecosystem to a packed audience of more than 300 delegates at its solution showcase session.

  • Michael Lehmann

    Some of the recurring themes that resonated with me were personalization, the B2B twist on this — account-based marketing, and lots of people having challenges getting their CRMs in order. But I must confess, somewhat immodestly, that we didn’t hear anything that the Resulticks’ platform cannot address and our Alexa customer journey impressed. Onwards and upwards.

    Michael Lehmann,
    Senior Director, Business Development and Channel Enablement
  • Dakshen Ram

    It’s ironic that in an era of data-driven cloud marketing, a 360o view of the customer continues to elude marketers. Resulticks is the first marketing cloud platform to address this problem, advancing a marketing data blockchain beyond solving digital identity management issues towards providing information and insights based on profile matching, all without compromising individual privacy.

    Dakshen Ram,
    Co-founder & Product Visionary
  • Redickaa Subrammanian

    We’re constantly anticipating and responding to marketplace developments. For example, this year we introduced new channels, including digital assistants such as bots and voice agents, and incorporated AI capabilities into our communication orchestration tool. We’ve deployed distributed marketing capabilities for B2B2B and B2B2C and facilitated GDPR compliance. We’re also leveraging new and emergent technologies, such as the data blockchain, which will expand the benefits of real-time conversation marketing to have far-reaching, positive effects on the entire marketing ecosystem.

    Redickaa Subrammanian,
    CEO & Co-founder

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