Omnichannel marketing power focused on your success

Why do leading brands like Samsung, Etisalat, and YTL rely on Resulticks to power their most important marketing communications?

These companies—and many more across wide ranging industries and business models—recognize that Resulticks offers more than software and technology. Resulticks provides market-driven, omnichannel solutions that connect customers to the brand at every possible touch point, target clearly identified needs and wants—for information, products, and services—and ultimately deliver measurable results from engagement to conversion.

Omnichannel marketing powerfocused on your success
Strategically tailored to you and your market place

Strategically tailored to you and your marketplace

Our powerful platform, omnichannel marketing solutions, and smart engagement services methodology are designed to meet the sophisticated needs of organizations of all sizes—from the global enterprise to mid-sized and small organizations—whether you’re marketplace is B2B or B2C, or whether you work with an agency or manage your marketing communications internally.

Strategically tailored to you and your market place

Tactically executed to deliver superior results

Resulticks delivers data-driven campaigns and real-time communications that fuel customer engagement, increase sales, grow revenue, and maximize return on marketing investments. With Resulticks, you can engage with prospects in real time, consolidate islands of date to create a common view of the customer, and deliver targeted, relevant, action-driven messages across all your online digital and offline channels—email, mobile, QR, digital on the street, social, and the web.

  • Streamlined campaign management

    Streamlined campaign management

    With Resulticks multidimension campaign creation capabilities, you can:

    Reach highly targeted customers quickly and easily through the channel they prefer, at the best time and place for your message to have maximum impact.

    Plan your campaign, manage, and track all customer interactions with a single view across all channels—email, mobile, social, QR (digital on the street), and the web.

  • Action-focused data consolidation

    Action-focused data consolidation

    Get maximum value out of the data you already have:

    Take immediate action on the most relevant data, engage in real conversations, and connect in real time across any channel.

    Easily integrate data from disparate sources—Salesforce, SAP, CRM, e-commerce, and web analytics—to create targeted, meaningful messages.

  • Multi-geo, multi-lingual ORM

    Multi-geo, multi-lingual ORM

    Monitor your customer’s voice and audience sentiment in multiple languages using specific location, industry-relevant terminologies and keyword attributes.

    Powerful listening tools track social mentions constantly with instant e-mail alerts whenever your brand or business is mentioned.

    Use the insights gained to improve your products, customer service, and other dimensions of reputation.

  • High-impact digital marketing

    High-impact digital marketing

    Get the most out of your enterprise digital marketing programs with tools that:

    Automate email messaging

    Streamline reporting

    Create sophisticated lead nurturing campaign

  • Uncompromised security & privacy

    Uncompromised security & privacy

    You can have confidence that the security of our application and infrastructure and the privacy of your data remain top priority:

    Aggressive, multi-layered approach that protects data and ensures geolocation privacy of data

    Our data centers and security layers that incorporate the latest, next-generation cloud-security solutions