A complete solution for maximizing the value of Resulticks

Resulticks is much more than a platform vendor. Through our Smart engagement services program we become an extension of your team, providing end-to-end program management.

Smart Engagement services

Strategy and technology consulting

  • Creating a detailed strategic communications roadmap for target audience segmentation, channel selection, and messaging
  • Engineering the full set of campaign mechanics
  • Developing APIs
  • Enterprise system integration with CRM, SAP, and other back end applications
Strategy and Technical Consulting

Big data, data science, and analytics

  • Identifying sources of data islands
  • Consolidating data from diverse sources
  • Data clustering/segmentation using automated tools
  • Industry-specific data insights on segmentation, campaign success, and channel efficiency
  • User 360° Analytics to establish key advocates of a brand, their influence networks, and trail of interactions with the brand
Big Data Analytics

Marketing communication with Resulticks

  • Account creation and setup
  • Uploading customer information
  • Creative design, messaging, and services support
  • Building and executing campaigns
Marketing Communication with Resulticks