Consumer electronics

You’ve empowered consumers with advanced technology.


Now keep them engaged with omnichannel experiences.

When it comes to persuading consumers to purchase electronics, brands face more daunting challenges than ever:

  • Fierce competition on price and features
  • Brand loyalty that evaporates in a nanosecond
  • New products upending entire categories

How do you make sure your voice is heard? Resulticks has the answers.

Consumer map
  • Awareness to conversion takes an omnichannel solution.

    Consumers don’t just rely on the information that comes from you or your channel partners to make brand decisions.


    They surf for product reviews and ratings.


    They watch demos on their phones.


    They ask their friends on social media.

    Resulticks lets you design a digital marketing solution that delivers a seamless experience with your brand wherever they search and shop.

  • Engage them at every step and touch point in the customer journey.

    Resulticks engages the customer at every stage of the journey:


    Connecting the in-store and mobile experience pre-purchase


    Sending product updates on social media


    Emailing an upgrade offer for the next release

    With dynamic campaign creation capabilities and data-driven insights, your options for connecting with the most compelling message across every relevant channel are virtually limitless.

  • Turn insights into personalized one-on-one interactions.

    Resulticks delivers data-driven 360° audience analytics that reveal your customers and prospects in new dimensions:


    Their wants and needs


    How they behave


    Who they influence

    Use that insight to make mid-course campaign corrections or to craft more compelling messages to reach your most lucrative, motivated customers at the moment of greatest receptivity and impact.