Smart solutions to accelerate digital-led growth

Smart solutions to accelerate digital-led growth

As a fully integrated, real-time engagement solution provider, Resulticks would hope that every brand could reach full maturity easily and quickly and derive full value from all the bells and whistles of a comprehensive solution. We also recognize that many brands, especially those in the early stages of the digital evolution or those with narrowly defined marketing automation needs, may benefit, at least in the near term, from a more strategically sized and targeted solution.

To meet marketers where they are now, Resulticks has created four standalone marketing technology solutions that can help almost any brand—regardless of size, industry, or omnichannel maturity—to take advantage of an ever-expanding array of communication channels, advanced analytics, and multichannel engagement capabilities.

These nimble solutions are designed to prepare brands for the initial stages of their martech transformation process, all while empowering them to achieve immediate outcomes through digital-led growth.

Turning unknown digital audiences into growth opportunities

One of our new standalone offerings, SmartDX, equips brands to transform unknown visitors into actively engaged customers seamlessly and quickly. SmartDX represents an intuitive mix of capabilities focused on enabling better audience identification, journey mapping, contextual engagement, and analytics, with a particular focus on mobile and web.

Anticipating the challenges of the post-cookies age, we’ve combined in-depth, segment-of-one mapping capabilities with a suite of nimble features for delivering contextual notifications and forms and a more powerful alternative to conventional URL shorteners. Some of the critical insights Smart DX captures include best-performing pages, screens, and customer paths; ROI attribution; and audience behavior.

A workable, efficient SMS marketing solution

With the prominence of social media, mobile app, and even IoT marketing on the rise, one might conclude that SMS has taken a backseat as an efficient, effective marketing communication channel. Among the frequently cited reasons for this supposed decline are surface-level metrics, ineffective retargeting and ROI documentation, labor-intensive campaign set-up, and the challenge of managing multiple SMS providers or carriers.

Our recently released solution, Metricks, eliminates those concerns with its greatly simplified SMS campaign setup, management, and performance reporting processes. This includes easier opt-out or DND management, improved retargeting capabilities, and just-in-time responses at scale. Metricks also enables marketers to manage virtually all aspects of SMS marketing—from throttling to carrier integrations—in one interface.

Putting advanced martech capabilities within the reach of SMBs

SMB marketers, especially those in the early phases of digital transformation, may get the mistaken impression that a fully integrated, real-time customer engagement solution lies beyond their grasp because of budget or other resource constraints (e.g., data, talent, IT).

For them, our standalone Marketing Star often proves a more accessible, manageable option. This carefully-crafted solution retains the integrated non-modular advantages of the full Resulticks platform—precise segmentation, advanced analytics, and intuitive campaign orchestration in one UX focused on the functions most pertinent to SMB marketing efforts, especially in its ease of use and fast implementation.

Expediting and simplifying real-time customer engagement

Similar in spirit to Marketing Star, our new Use Case Accelerator lowers the barriers to entry for implementing real-time customer engagement. It consists of a customizable, ready-to-implement selection of industry-specific use cases developed by the Resulticks team based on their experience and side-by-side work with brands across wide-ranging sectors.

As such, the use cases focus on key marketing scenarios at different customer lifecycle stages that would normally require prohibitively excessive manual processes. Use Case Accelerator automates those marketing flows while a dedicated support team helps ensure customer success, empowering brands to optimize their resources and enjoy next-level capabilities without taking a full plunge into the deep end of marketing automation.

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