Solving the audience identity puzzle


The digital acceleration experienced by brands worldwide in the wake of COVID-19 has resulted in many changes, necessitating adjustments on multiple levels.

Brands have left behind dated processes for more thoroughly digitized operations; they have sought to find new ways to sustain and drive revenue growth with offerings suitable to the socially distant world; they have invested in digital transformation to be more resilient in the event of future emergencies.

At a perhaps more immediate level, brands across industries have had to adopt more digital channels in response to everyone having to navigate their lives online much more than ever. Consumers use different devices, platforms, and channels in varying ways, often changing their identifies from one and the next.

To the consumer, this all feels like second instincts, utter mundane things they do every day without much thought at all. These are familiar journeys on which they want no obstacles, no wrong turns, no unpleasant stalling. Convenience, seamlessness, and delight. Nothing else.

To the brand, however, making such experiences possible is much harder than it seems. Some have just introduced the new digital channels, without much preparation to enable richer interactions. Some simply lack the right technology to make it happen. A major gap for many brands is the inability to identify the customer as they hop from channel to channel, let alone delineating the shape of their journey and uncovering key insights into their behavior.

Failing to resolve this gap will prevent brands from ever living up to consumers’ expectations, curtailing—or even dooming—their long-term revenue growth in an ever more digitally competitive landscape.

What they need, then, is an ability to solve the identity puzzle.

They need the right technology for audience identity resolution, which aims to combine each customer’s multiple digital identities across channels and devices, enriching it with data captured over time to deliver a cohesive, omnichannel view of the individual behind it all.

This 360-degree customer view, comprising first-, second-, and third-party data, doesn’t just reveal new insights into the individual. It will enable the brand to engage them relevantly, frictionlessly, and with optimal impact at every step of their unique digital journey. It can accelerate their paths towards deeper engagement, conversion, and lasting loyalty. It will also help map out these journeys in full, leading to rich, multi-touch attribution analytics.

Resulticks has built our platform to empower marketers, regardless of their industry, with robust audience identity resolution capabilities. For a closer look at how we get it done, talk to our experts.


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