SMS marketing: Black box or growth engine?


Did you know? SMS marketing is more than two decades old, and the first SMS campaign was sent in 2000 by a Finnish news provider who offered free news headlines via SMS, sponsored by advertising.

That brings us to the question: Do marketers still use SMS in 2021? I hope yes, because the reach and engagement this channel can give you cannot compare with any other be it email, paid media, or social media.

Why SMS works is clear for several reasons. The most obvious is that people typically check their phones 150 times a day or more, even if it is not ringing. SMS also has a high deliverability rate, the open rate is above 95% compared to 20% for email, and it has better engagement rates compared to any other channel.

So why do so many marketers ignore SMS?

Even though SMS marketing is low cost, reasonably simple to do, and within the media mix of most marketing departments, many continue to under-use the channel significantly. Perhaps that’s because it’s one of the more mundane channels with limited opportunities for innovation, and marketing teams would rather spend time and budget on the more high-profile paid search and social media channels.

Maybe it’s because many marketers see SMS as a black box. With SMS campaigns as currently conceived, there’s no end-to-end analytics like other digital marketing channels. SMS service providers can offer an aggregate view of how many SMS got delivered and how many could not be delivered for various reasons. But that’s where the metrics stops.

True, some tracking tools provide reports on individual link clicks provided the customer engages with the link on the SMS, but because end-to-end tracking is not established at the start, the ability to re-target or nudge these customers back into the journey is lost. This is because there’s no way to know if the target audience member engaged with it or not. And since there’s no way to document ROI, marketers may feel the results are not commensurate with the time and effort spent.

Brands with huge amount of customer data suffer even more because of the manual processes involved in setting up SMS campaigns with multiple vendors. Campaign response data comes back in batches and in multiple formats. With no consolidated view of all this data, making sense of it becomes an even bigger challenge. This means marketers either must wait inordinately long to get meaningful insights for improving the next campaign, or they have to run it with incomplete analysis to keep up with timelines.

Historically, SMS marketing has also been fraught with DND issues. Ideally, marketers should get the opt-out and DND data in real-time so they can manage the process seamlessly. With most current SMS processes, DND-related information becomes available only after the service provider scrubs the data and comes back with the report.

How to make SMS marketing work like it should!

Now that we’ve articulated all the reasons marketers are hesitant to use SMS—the channel that offers the highest open rates and almost instantaneous delivery—let’s look at how they can eliminate the roadblocks that have plagued SMS for too long.

Introducing Metricks, the only integrated solution which enables marketers to Engage, Retarget and Measure impact through a single console.

Metricks puts Resulticks’ unique Smart Duo technology to work for you, delivering and documenting superior SMS results with a fraction of the time and effort required by multiple tools and old-school approaches.

Metricks allows you to integrate all your SMS service providers to optimize campaign cadence, performance, and outcomes.

You can centralize and automate your audience outreach using consolidated opt-out/DND management, auto-scrubbing, unified signal capture, and more with Metricks.

This is the only solution that helps you orchestrate multi-step journeys, map out real-time contextual communications, and personalize engagement with minimal learning curve. Not just that you can go beyond the delivery report to get the complete story of every audience member’s journey.

Metricks delivers SMS marketing which is truly ROI driven. You can continuously improve your SMS marketing performance with in-depth campaign and channel-specific analytics, consolidated reporting, benchmarking, and true ROI documentation.

Here are just a few of the ways you can utilize Metricks:


Multi-dimensional targeting

Trigger campaigns

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