Resulticks platform features: An October showcase


Resulticks’ objective will always be to deliver superior real-time customer engagement solutions to brands worldwide. Here’s a quick overview of some of the exciting features you can find on our platform. Expect even more powerful enhancements!

  • Dynamic landing page experiences

Resulticks’ Smart Duo technology is built to enable segment-of-one audience tracking, profiling, engagement, and attribution.

As a key touchpoint, your campaign landing pages of course need to be personalized for the customer so greater conversion can be achieved. When a visitor clicks on a Smart Link and visits one of your pages, our technology customizes the actual page content—banner, copy, notifications, call(s) to action, etc.—based on attributes of this individual as identified by our CDP.

  • Advanced web notification builder

Does building web notifications seem like a hassle? A time-consuming, but critical, task that is impossible without badgering your IT team? Resulticks’ web notification builder provides a simple drag-and-drop interface for everyday marketers to craft web pop-ups from scratch or modify pre-existing templates found on the platform.

  • Multiple promotions in one mobile app communication

Delivering multiple promotions to their mobile apps has been a challenge of sorts for brands due to the limited screen size. Bombarding your audience with a slew of notifications might not be the best idea, since we all know how frustrating it can be to close one pop-up after another.

That’s all for October! Stay tuned for our next showcase!

Interested in how Resulticks can drive your omnichannel and real-time customer engagement efforts? Request a meeting now.


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