Becoming omnichannel, one use case at a time: Meet the Resulticks Accelerator package

Becoming omnichannel, one use case at a time: Meet the Resulticks Accelerator package

We all know that omnichannel marketing is important, something that has only been further validated by the digitizing trends in consumer behavior across sectors. Like everyone has been saying, it’s time to go omnichannel. The head scratches begin, however, when we start pondering how to actually reach that destination.

Not unlike earlier discussions around personalization and data consolidation, we know where we should be going, but getting there is the real challenge. The path will look different for every organization, and there are plenty of hurdles on the way. For emerging organizations, one primary struggle might revolve around the impression that omnichannel marketing entails a serious budget commitment and major shakeups of business technology.

A brief scan of the marketing automation space might convince one that enterprise-sized solutions abound, but nothing else. Combined this with the sheer amount of time, budget, and skill investments required to get a new omnichannel marketing automation solution working properly—and we can get a sense of why some might feel anxious about making the leap.

An easier start

What some non-enterprise organizations need, then, might be a gentler initiation, an opportunity to test out the waters and begin the journey to omnichannel customer engagement in areas most pertinent to their needs. Having consulted and worked closely with organizations—major and small, from retail to banking to insurance and more—Resulticks developed the Use Case Accelerator to fulfill precisely wish.

Developed out of our first-hand experience working with brands across markets, these customizable, ready-to-implement use cases address some of the key scenarios in different industries.

So, instead of taking a direct plunge into a full solution, the Accelerator allows organizations to experience the impact of smart marketing automation in a specific flow directed towards a relevant marketing end. They can start with just one use case or select multiple, with no commitment to a bigger purchase than necessary. However, these use cases will contribute to much quicker acclimatization to comprehensive omnichannel customer engagement later on if needed.

Let’s take a look at one such use case, which is designed for the retail industry.

From a scan to a new customer: An example

In this use case, after scanning the QR code, the consumer is directed to a mobile landing page, where they can provide certain personal details on a Resulticks-generated form in exchange for an offer (just one possible incentive). The details gathered then set up the follow-up communications via email and eventually the ecommerce website.

Now, a brand can technically execute this flow without a vendor. They could get their IT team to design the steps and set up the triggers. The obvious drawback is that this is very resource intensive and not exactly the most efficient route given the volume and speed of the interactions involved in the use case.

With Resulticks, the brand doesn’t need to set aside time to code anything from scratch. From campaign mapping to offer code generation to form creation and more, they can easily manage all the technical elements of the flow in one interface, in mere minutes. The solution also takes care of the bigger potential headache of scan-to-conversion attribution.

In short, the Accelerator offers a shortcut to the benefits of this use case: expanded reach, incremental acquisitions, improved web traffic, and so on. All of the data harnessed and derived can also enrich future engagement and analytics if the brand decides to adopt a complete solution package.


Omnichannel matters, a lot, but it also needs to be accessible to all organizations. Resulticks’ Use Case Accelerator presents one hassle-free option for realizing key industry-specific marketing flows without the burden of investing in a full-stack system from the get-go. With detailed implementation instructions and templates, the Accelerator package aims to minimize potential confusions and hiccups as brands progress towards scalable CX across channels.


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