Conversations about the future: Ignite 2022, APAC


It is the mission of Resulticks to empower digital transformation for both marketers and organizations with their eyes on the future. We make this happen by developing solutions that put organizations ahead of competition—and just as importantly, cultivating an ecosystem of partners that help us reach everyone that can benefit from what Resulticks has to offer.

The APAC edition of the Ignite 2022—Resulticks’ online partner conference that took place on January 20 and 21, 2022—reflected this vision. The conference was organized to clearly communicate the powerful value propositions Resulticks presents, to update partners on the latest developments in the APAC region, and to empower them with the tools to deepen our presence in global markets.

Ignite 2022 was attended by many of Resulticks’ partners in APAC—resellers, agencies, implementation partners, and more—as well as leaders from major companies like Google, Amazon Web Services, and IBM. The excitement, in my opinion, attest to the buzz Resulticks is generating in our field.

While a variety of topics related to digital transformation, cloud, and Resulticks latest products were explored, a few really captured my attention:

Digital is the way forward

In his keynote with our CEO, Mani Gopalaratnam, Karan Bajwan, VP of Asia Pacific at Google Cloud, stressed the critical place digital has grown to occupy in corporate strategies after COVID-19. The pandemic forced adaptations, breaking down old barriers with the introduction of new technology. Democratization, tech adoption, and mindset shifts, according to Bajwan, will be indispensable elements in the success recipe of every organization in 2022 and beyond.

I was also struck by the incisive conversation on digital transformation between Dr. Tran Viet Huan, CTO at Son Kim, and Ameya Kamat, Head of Partner Ecosystem at IBM Cloud. Dr. Huan shared his first-hand experience of how the gap in cloud adoption is an issue that plagues many industries. The push for digital, in turn, has also been an industry-agnostic phenomenon.

Ameya brought attention to the value of tapping into all data—structured and unstructured—for a successful transition towards digital. With growing competition and security demands, it is more important than ever that members of a partnership ecosystem collaborate and progress together.

Embrace the disruption

In his fireside chat session with Dinesh Menon, Chief Strategy and Business Officer at Resulticks, Kiran Kesavarapu, Head of Customer Technology at Google Cloud, mentioned that the adoption of cloud is key to effective disruptions today. The path ahead, Kiran noted, will see more organizations embracing cloud and implementing data-driven business models.

In fact, digital disruption is becoming a central focus in the SMB marketplace, according to Anna Green, Head of SMB Business, Asia Pacific and Japan at AWS. Our cofounder and Chairperson Redickaa Subrammanian shared how Resulticks has responded to the surging demand for suitable digital solutions with nimble, customized offerings. All of such efforts, of course, are undertaken to catalyze their transformations and make the benefits of next-gen CX accessible to all.

Our session on Resulticks’ global partnership program elicited quite an amazing response. I have been receiving inquiries from current and potential partners about how they can be a part of this innovative alliance aimed at realizing CX that benefits brands and vendors alike.

The two-day conference was, for me, a fruitful and eye-opening experience. Digital has become the imperative for organizations in 2022. Translating this conceptual imperative to sustainable adjustments and concrete outcomes takes a lot more than just realizing the need. It hinges upon the acquisition of solutions up to the task and the development of future-oriented partnerships. I believe Ignite 2022 is another step in precisely that direction.


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