How you can deliver the future AI in Retail customer journey

Future retail customer engagement 2019

For retailers looking to upgrade their arsenal of customer engagement solutions, there is an exciting array of possibilities. From AR to voice assistant marketing, a crop of technologies has emerged, built to combine the personal touch of brick-and-mortar with the instant convenience of digital channels.

Consumers can use IKEA’s AR app to preview furniture in their homes. Major beauty and retail brands have been dabbling in smart mirrors that let shoppers “try on” beauty products. Amazon Go does away with the cashier and converts every purchase into an additional nibble of individualized customer insight.

Innovations such as these reflect the changing demands of an increasingly digitally savvy consumer base, who demand experiences that go beyond the transactional.

A transforming retail conversation

As the landscape of retail customer engagement shifts, brands will need to move towards the provision and optimization of a conversational customer journey, one that responds to consumers in context, engages them through individualized offers, and motivates them to take actions that benefit both the consumer and the brand.

In other words, a conversation worth returning to, again and again.

So, with all of this in mind, let us look at an inventive retail use case Resulticks can help brands deliver along with the capabilities that support it.

A new retail use case

Omnichannel Marketing - Retail Use Case

Here we have Josie, a 27-year-old who occasionally shops at VisionStylez. She’s signed up for their newsletter, but rarely opens the emails. However, she did respond to a few of their past Facebook and Instagram campaigns that highlighted sustainable issues. The most recent purchases she made from VisionStylez were several summer wear items with minimalist designs.

In our use case, thanks to Resulticks’ Smart Link, SDK, and omnichannel rules engine, the beacon push notification does more than encouraging an app download. It helps us identify her device fingerprints/ID and augments her individual profile.

With this new point of engagement acquired, the rules engine, based on Josie’s app usage and past campaign data, determines a mobile notification to be the best way to send her the new collection landing page link. On landing the page, the trio of Smart Link, SDK, and rules engine join forces again to recognize Josie and personalizes her product recommendations based on her social actions.

On Josie’s fitting day, data integration enables the beacon to not only identify Josie but notifies the staff to welcome her personally—the kind of frictionless, attentive shopping experience customers now expect.

Finally, instead of re-sending Josie the same old coupon from weeks ago, Resulticks is able to dynamically optimize and push out the next best offer based on recent interactions and her location, delighting her with something much more personalized.

Resulticks offers retailers a unified platform to orchestrate and optimize seamless customer journeys across existing and emerging channels. Want to see how we can work for you? Schedule a demo today.


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