Engage and energize consumers with omnichannel experiences and compelling value propositions at every stage in the journey.

The challenges you face in B2C marketing today ironically are your keys to omnichannel marketing automation success. Every day consumer behavior tells you that they:

Prospect and qualify more and better leads
Have become hyper-connected, channel agnostic—constantly switching from mobile to web to email to social to in-store, and back
Boost conversion rates and shorten sales cycles
Have high expectations for personalized experiences and unrelenting demands for individualized customer service
Build enduring, profitable relationships
Lack brand loyalty and have great power to influence others—and be influenced—across multiple social media platforms

Connect and convert with personally rewarding omnichannel experiences

From a marketing communications perspective, the solution to today’s B2C challenges comes down to a few basic principles: delivering the right message to the right person at the right time over the right channels.

The principles sound simple. Executing on them isn’t—unless you have the right tools. That’s what Resulticks offers: intelligent, highly targeted, totally personalized communication delivered efficiently and effectively at every stage of the customer journey—demand generation, engagement, conversion, and long-lasting relationships.

Omnichannel experiences

Capture, analyze and use the vast storehouse of data at your fingertips

very time consumers click a mouse, touch a screen, open a web page, they’re generating potentially valuable data about their likes and dislikes, preferences and personalities, biases and behaviors. That combined with the volumes of personal data available on social media, customer records, and other digital sources creates a wellspring of marketplace intelligence just waiting to be tapped and put to use. With Resulticks, you can:

  • Capture and integrate vase amounts of meaningful data from virtually any source—SAP, CRM, e-commerce, web analytics, and more
  • Analyze and assimilate it quickly through easily understood, highly visual dashboards and reports
  • Use that insight to engage in real-time conversations and make real connections across any channel
  • Articulate highly targeted, meaningful messages and value propositions to enrich and accelerate the customer journey from engagement to conversion
Storehouse of data

Pinpoint selling opportunities with advanced segmentation and targeting

Customers expect you to know precisely who they are and exactly what they want. With Resulticks data-driven 360° audience analytics, you’ll see your customers and prospects in an entirely new light—their wants and needs, how they behave, and who they influence.

  • Leverage demographics and personalized data to create a dynamic, high-resolution snapshot of your most engaged and most valuable customers—a point of view that continuously refreshes itself
  • Dig deep into individual behaviors, preferences, and circumstances to zero in on the individual most likely to respond to your message or purchase
  • Use deep customer insight to craft and tailor your campaign messaging at each stage of the customer journey.
Advanced segmentation

Engage and motivate consumers at every stage of the customer journey

In today’s channel-agnostic B2C world, every channel is important and can come into play at every stage—pre-sale, time of purchase, post-sale. Resulticks’ dynamic campaign creation capabilities and data-driven insights expand your options for delivering the most compelling message to the individual customer across every relevant channel.

  • Keep your most highly targeted customers and prospects engaged with compelling content at the moment it will have the greatest impact
  • Empower your current customer base with practical, highly relevant content—product details and comparisons, special offers, product reviews—based on their recent behaviors and current stage in the customer journey
  • Create multidimension communication programs and/or campaigns based on interactions and responses across channels and messaging.
  • Use Resulticks’ campaign creation canvas to plan your campaign, view, manage, and track all customer interactions across email, mobile, social, QR (digital on the street), and the web all within a single interface.
Customer journey

Reporting tailored to marketing priorities and management concerns

The marketers dream: campaign performance statistics and big data analytics in easy-to-understand language and meaningful visuals created by marketers for business decision making. Resulticks takes your data from disparate sources and translates it into meaningful, actionable information, all captured in one place with a wide array of easily customized, detailed reports.

  • At-a-glance, updated performance results on all active campaigns across the full range of your most important metrics ROI trends, channel performance, top performing campaigns, average time to conversion, and much more
  • Actionable intelligence about customers and prospects. A user-centric view of specific characteristics, preferences, and behaviors; a summary of each individual’s interactions with you, lifetime value, and size of social network.
  • Industry and internal benchmarking based on real-world performance; meaningful comparisons to established goals, seasonal performance, and your own “golden” campaign; insights across multiple dimensions including reach, engagement, and conversion.
Marketing priorities

Automate every marketing effort with ease and speed

What amazes every B2C marketer who sees Resulticks is the elegantly designed, easy-to-use interface.

With a minimum of training, your marketers can make meaningful connections that power purchase decisions and brand loyalty.

For maximum impact, you can tap into Resulticks’ full range of services, including creative execution, to create a dynamic extension of your in-house capabilities.