Drive revenue growth and brand loyalty with omnichannel experiences.


Digital communications has put car buyers in the driver’s seat. They can:

  • Access vast storehouses of information, easy-to-use shopping tools, authoritative reviews, owner ratings
  • Enter the showroom having already narrowed their choices and knowing what they ought to and are willing to spend
  • Express their delight or register their discontent with your brand and make their voices heard across social media

From test drive to purchase to service to the next new car, at every touch point in the customer lifecycle, you can exceed expectations or disappoint. The stakes are high. Resulticks provides a roadmap to customer satisfaction and enduring loyalty.

  • Fuel revenue growth and ROI.

    Razor-thin margins and aggressive quotas keep revenue always top of mind. With Resulticks’ omnichannel marketing automation capabilities, you can:

    Big Commerce

    Time every touch point to help drive sales and keep customers coming back for service, maintenance, and the next new purchase

    Big Commerce

    Use real-time campaign performance monitoring and reporting tools to ensure you are making the most of your marketing dollars

  • See your customers in a new light.

    The more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them. With Resulticks data-driven 360° audience analytics, you can:

    Big Commerce

    See your customers and prospects in dazzling detail—their wants and needs, how they behave, and who they influence

    Big Commerce

    Use that insight to tailor your communications and offers to your most lucrative customers and even find new potential buyers outside of your lists

  • Turn insights into rewarding one-on-one interactions.

    Few purchases are more emotionally charged than a new automobile. Delighted customers are repeat customers.
    Data-driven insights and dynamic campaign creation capabilities:

    Big Commerce

    Expand your options for delivering the most compelling message to the individual customer across every relevant channel throughout the customer lifecycle

    Big Commerce

    Enable you to anticipate their needs and offer them solutions that engage them online or on the road