Understand your Audience 360°. A Resulticks exclusive.

See your audience members in a whole new way, down to the individual level with extraordinary insight into who they are, how they behave, and whom they can influence.
A Resulticks exclusive
User centered


Focus on the most important people—your users and their specific characteristics, preferences, and behaviors. See their levels of engagement, the channels they prefer, and how they want you to reach them.

Who’s engaged and who’s on the sidelines

See which users are participating in the most campaigns, the advocates and influencers that spread your message, and who is just spectating.

Who’s engaged and who’s on the sidelines
Individual Engagement

Individual engagement

View a summary of each individual’s interactions with you, lifetime value, and size of social network, along with a visual timeline showing all of that person’s actions relative to your campaigns.

Social connections inside and outside your lists

Beyond giving you the number and type of connections for each individual, Resulticks shows you which connections are made through your data and which are new potential customers.

Social connections inside
Easy to share Easy to share

Easy to share

One click creates a PDF or PowerPoint file for reporting these unique insights to management and other team members.