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The vision that led us on this journey

“After 15 years in digital, we realized we needed to reinvent ourselves in order to add value to our customers. And so was born Resulticks. Our goal is to be the number one platform you think of when it comes to customer engagement and marketing communications.”

Redickaa Subrammanian
Redickaa Subrammanian

Founder, CEO

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Scalable technology
Digital expertise

“As marketers ourselves, we know the challenges of the digital world. Thankfully being technologists as well, we’ve built a solution that will revolutionize how CMOs meet the challenges of an omnichannel world— connecting deeply with their customers, leveraging Big Data for practical insights, and driving top line growth.”

Dakshen Ram
Dakshen Ram

Co-Founder, Marketing Technologist

We are Omnipresent

Resulticks has been providing advanced digital marketing services and tools to some of the most respected brands worldwide.

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