Blockchain Marketing:
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Take an inside look at how blockchain can enable real-time engagement, deliver individualized interactions, ensure data privacy, and create true omnichannel experiences that keep brands relevant, profitable, and growing

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Our Digital Marketing Asia Singapore Experience

To a packed audience of more than 150 delegates, Resulticks shared its vision on how blockchain marketing can catalyze a change in the entire digital marketing ecosystem.

  • Redickaa

    We’re constantly anticipating and responding to marketplace developments. For example, we’ve introduced new channels, including digital assistants such as bots and voice agents, and incorporated AI capabilities into our communication orchestration tool. We’ve deployed distributed marketing capabilities for B2B2B and B2B2C and facilitated GDPR compliance. By leveraging new and emergent technologies, such as the data blockchain, we’re driving the benefits of real-time conversation marketing to have far-reaching, positive effects on the entire marketing ecosystem.

    Redickaa Subrammanian
    Founder, CEO
  • Mani Gopalaratnam

    Digital customer engagement is definitely undergoing a shift in terms having to be more data-driven, real-time and contextual in order to capture the minds and connect with the emotions of the end audiences. Our vision of how blockchain can be leveraged for the benefit of the brand, its customers, and the extended marketing ecosystem aligns very well with these themes that recurred throughout the conference. An ability to focus on key quality of offering and allowing the ecosystem be commoditized seems to be the key theme.

    Mani Gopalaratnam
    Chief Technologist, DXC Technology
  • Vandana

    It was interesting to note how many brands are approaching prevalent issues such as siloed data, multiple systems across touchpoints, and data privacy regulations across the region. The many conversations we had and the presentations we saw reaffirmed the invaluable benefits a solution such as Resulticks can bring into this scenario, to deliver the business outcomes that brands are aiming to achieve.

    Vandana Prabhakar
    Head of Pre-sales

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